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Premises for rent

Meditation of rental space

Mediation of rental space is the most demanded form of cooperation not only from Tenants but also Renters

Services for tenants

We solve every single request from a person interested in renting space individually and we try to get to know better the type of her/his business. We always analyse to understand current operational and technical settings, and for this reason we prefer personal meetings directly in the building of Tenant company. We use this procedure mainly for inquiries for rentals of production and warehouse premises and also for rentals of properties, which are combination of various kinds of use. Subsequently, within 24 hours  we will prepare an offer, which meets the criteria of the  ideal space/property of the applicant.

We represent the Tenant in entire process of finding a suitable space, we are present at inspections and meetings and we play the main role of mediator, whose goal is to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement among  various actors. We also provide advice and consultation in the process of creating Rental agreement. All the above-mentioned services are available to those interested in renting a new space FREE OF CHARGE.

If the Tenant has already chosen a new space and needs professional advice, which is associated with achieving the most favorable rental conditions, in this case we represent the client in negotiating the terms of the rental. Remuneration paid by the client (tenant)  in this case depends on achievement of financial and non-financial savings.

Services for renters

In order to find the right tenant for the offered properties as quickly as possible, a combination of different procedures and techniques is needed, which undoubtedly include the correct selection and setting of the overall strategy.

For property owners who want to rent  free space, we offer a comprehensive service, while each part of this service is provided with high expertise.

Below, you can find the overview of individual services we provide:

  • consulting services regarding to setting of the rental price as well as the price for services
  • representing the Renter in the process of arranging the rental conditions / occupancy of premises, presence at inspections and meetings and acting in the role of a mediator, whose goal is to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement among  various actors
  •  setting a marketing strategy
  • preparation of the offer, including high-quality photographies of the premises (use of drones)
  • preparationof  the presentation of the offered premises/property
  •  directly targeted mailing to selected potential applicants
  • telephone contact of selected potential applicants
  • promotion of the offer through social networks, PPC campaigns
  • promotion of the offer on paid positions of the largest web portals in the field of real estate offers in the Slovak Republic
  • advertising via billboards

Remuneration for arranging the rental is paid by the Renter.