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On February 10, 2020, an analysis of the Brownfields, located in the city area of Bratislava, was presented in the Mirror Hall of the „Primacialny Palac“. The analysis was presented by the municipal architect, Magda Ďurdíková. In reality, this is an important topic for the city of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, to be solved. The total area of these unused buildings in desolate state can be compared to the entire area of the Lamač district.

What does the city of Bratislava plan to do with this problem? How are Brownfields perceived by citizens, developers and the professional community and last but not least, the owners of these properties ?

In this part, I would like to adress this topic, as well as the possible solutions for it. But first, let me explain what Brownfield actually means. The definition says, it is an abandoned, empty built -up area in the middle of the city that has been unused for more than two years. It requires conscious intervention to fulfill some purposes again.

In the eyes of public, citizens of the city, these crumbling buildings on one side, create negative visual smog, in some cases also generate an increased environmental burden for the area and on the other side, they cause many social problems connected with homeless dwellings.

There are many reasons why these buildings became desolated, vacant and not revitalized.

After my experience  in this field, I must summarize that there are some owners of Brownfields trying to change, revitalize their property but they face a never-ending administrative and construction bureaucracy, which leads to the stop of their interest and fight after several years. For example, if they only want to replace the windows, repair the flowing roof or improve thermal insulation of their properties, these kinds of building modifications will immediately become the subject to the Construction Law/procedure.

The property owner will find out that if she/he wants to obtain the construction permission issued by the Building authority, she/he must meet current standards/criteria for their 40-years-old property related to static and dynamic transport conditions, green area terms, etc... At this point, the ambition of revitalization of real estate becomes difficult and unrealistic.

The last strike in this area was an enormous growth of real estate tax, which caused a significant increase of commercially used real estate tax in the city of Bratislava, compared to previous years. This tax growth will not only affect the Brownfields issue, but will have nationwide side effects, that will have a financial impact  on the final consumer, Each owner of the property will try to include the increased property tax to the rental installment to the final customer.

At the end of this disscusion, I would like to present my conclusion:  The Municipality of Bratislava made first steps by presenting the detailed analysis of the Brownfields in Bratislava region to the public. This activity still does not offer any options and solutions of the problem. I hope, the municipality will actively continue working on Brownfields topic and propose meaningful solutions for the owners of the Brownfields and bring positive change to these properties in the city of Bratislava.

On June 4, 2020, in cooperation with the company PRICEMANIA, our company made an interview concerning the marketing campaign for the real estate of the shopping and logistics center on Vajnorská Street in the city of Bratislava. In the first phase of the campaign, we addressed the PRICEMANIA portal, because we want to offer this exceptional property to e-commerce segment, especially to e-shops who would like to establish a prestigious commercial store combined with a starage space in lucrative zone of Bratislava.

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